Our Story

Sojourn began late in 2011 when a group of like-minded believers began meeting in an office building in Seymour, TN, longing to be a community that was faithful to God’s word and His design for His church, believing that if the gospel had indeed transformed us, that we must be light in the darkness.

So, we dug into the word of God and sought his will as to what He desired of His church.  After spending months reading the word and praying together we began, by the grace of God, to write a constitution and a church covenant that expressed what we had learned as a body from scripture.  We also adopted a statement of faith, The 2nd London Baptist Confession of 1689, which best describes our theological convictions.  Although, these were and are no more than words on a page, we as a body desired not to be tossed to and fro by the waves and carried about by every wind of doctrine, and these words were a visible proclamation of that truth.

Though we are not very far along in the journey, we believe that the foundation is strong and God honoring and it has led to a unified vision to see the earth filled with the glory of God.

We believe that there is no corner of the earth that is not touched by the mandate of the great commission.  As a people saved by the grace of God for the Glory of God we live out those truths as sent out missionaries all the days of our lives.